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WP-Wi-Fi-6-How-MU-MIMO-Enhances-Connectivity-Thumb-475x600-1Wi-Fi 6 – How MU-MIMO Enhances Connectivity for Public Safety, Transit and Industry

Wi-Fi 6 was launched in 2019 as a replacement for Wi-Fi 5 and fully complements 5G cellular communications. Technology enhancements in Wi-Fi 6, particularly around MU-MIMO, have greatly improved Wi-Fi performance, especially in areas of high usage and competing Wi-Fi traffic. Wi-Fi 6 provides significant benefits for first responders, transit operations and last mile connectivity using fixed wireless access (FWA).

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  • How Wi-Fi 6 greatly enhances end-to end connectivity
  • The benefits of MU-MIMO and how it works
  • How 5G and Wi-Fi 6 work together to deliver fast, secure communications

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