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WPThumb-Top5-UtilityTop 5 Reasons Utility Workers Need an In-Vehicle Router

What You Are Missing Out On If Your Organization Relies On Laptops And Data Cards For In-Vehicle Communications

Technology in the utility fleet is advancing every day. Video surveillance, remote access to systems and databases and the latest vehicle dispatching and tracking technologies enable utility workers to safely cover more ground, and coordinate with other resources. Although technology allows workers in the field to be more efficient and effective, it is making the job for the IT team much more complicated.

Is your organization relying on laptops and data cards for mobile workforce in-vehicle communications? Using laptops and data cards to connect mobile workforces is limiting as they are not designed to be routers for other devices, causing delayed critical communication and field worker frustration.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • The challenges with laptops and data cards as primary communication devices
  • Top 5 reasons for an in-vehicle router to advance your mobile communications technology
  • How to achieve the best connectivity, security and reliability—in the most manageable way

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