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WP-Smart-Buildings-Whitepaper-Thumb-475x600-1Creating Smart Commercial Buildings With the IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) devices have improved efficiencies in many environments, from manufacturing to water treatment. Their ability to harvest data and send it back to a central point makes them ideal for automating management in complex environments.

There are few environments as complex as commercial buildings, which must support hundreds or even thousands of users and which have many subsystems dedicated to keeping them comfortable, safe and efficient. The IoT creates powerful opportunities to automate many aspects of building management, creating benefits ranging from environmental efficiency to cost management.

This white paper explores the opportunities and challenges of using sensor devices to create smart commercial buildings including:

  • Key Trends
  • Use cases and new business models
  • IoT challenges for Smart Buildings
  • Case Study: How a Leading HVAC Vendor Enable Predictive Maintenance

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