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WPThumb-SEDSimplifying IoT: How to Make the Journey from Idea to Revenue Smoother and Faster

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a disruptive force that is changing business models in just about every industry. Cellular technology is the most popular choice for connecting commercial deployments thanks to the ubiquity of networks and the inherent security it offers. However, connecting products and services using cellular technology is often a complex, time-consuming undertaking that can add operating expenses and introduce risk. Not everyone who wants to use the IoT as part of their business actually succeeds. What makes it so hard? Where do companies get bogged down?

This paper looks at why many organizations struggle with IoT deployments, and how to avoid key challenges. Sierra Wireless offers a new approach, Ready-to-Connect Solutions, that streamlines the development, deployment, and operation of large-scale IoT solutions, so as to accelerate time-to-revenue, increase security and add business flexibility while lowering overall costs.

Download this white paper to learn about the challenges of IoT complexity:

  • How to Simplify your IoT Development
  • Streamline your Operations
  • Align your cost structure with your business model
  • Manage all your IoT devices with a Unified platform


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