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WP-Managing-Modern-IIoT-Data-Maximize-ROI-cloud-to-the-edge-Thumb-475x600-1Maximize ROI by Distributing Processing From Your Cloud to the Edge

In recent years, the use of real-time analysis at the edge has become a mainstream feature of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). While more may be happening at the edge, the cloud is still an essential part of the picture, since it offers way so process, analyze, share, and store data that simply aren’t available at the edge. The question, then, is not whether to eliminate the cloud, but how best to use the two in combination and help drive business transformation.

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  • How the edge and the cloud play complementary roles, and why you should integrate both in your IIoT deployment
  • How Sierra Wireless makes it easier than ever to manage modern data and maximize the return on IIoT investments with pre-integrated edge to cloud products and solutions

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