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WPThumb-How-to-Get-Industrial-IoT-Connectivity-RightHow to Get Industrial IoT Connectivity Right

IoT is supercharging industrial environments, enabling industrial equipment manufacturers to offer entirely new kinds of services to their customers, leading to more efficient operations.

Building the infrastructure to support these new industrial business models is a challenge for many industrial companies. “Eighty percent of the industrial segment believes that the IoT will be transformative and disruptive, but 90% feel they are unprepared for these changes”, says Derek O’Halloran, member of the leadership team, at the World Economic Forum.

For Industrial IoT (IIoT) to work effectively, industrial equipment must distribute data accurately, reliably, and securely. In modern industrial environments, both operating revenues to employee safety depends on it.

This white paper assesses the benefits of IIoT, maps out the obstacles that implementation teams will encounter along the way, and explains how to keep data flowing smoothly.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • IIoT success stories in predictive maintenance and usage based services
  • Top IIoT deployment challenges
  • How to determine to buy or build-In an IIoT application?
  • How to simplify IoT and reduce time to market
  • The importance of a single point of management with a IoT platform

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