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WPThumb-Tech-ConsiderationsWireless Technology Considerations for Connecting Industrial Equipment

Should You Mix Cellular with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?

More and more equipment manufacturers are connecting machines to the Internet of Things (IoT) as a way to differentiate their services and create new revenue streams. When making long-distance connections to the cloud, cellular technology offers a unique combination of flexibility, coverage, and longevity.

But will cellular on its own be enough for your deployment? There are a number of reasons why it can be a good idea to mix the long-range capabilities of cellular with the short-range capabilities of other technologies. This is especially true with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which are, like cellular, worldwide standards with a very large installed base. There a number of industrial use cases that benefit from mixing cellular with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or using all three.

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  • Why cellular make sense for connectivity
  • When to consider Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • What to watch out for when you’re ready to deploy connectivity for existing and new products


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