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WPThumb-Connected-Industrial-PurifiersConnected Industrial Purifiers: How the Industrial IoT is Enhancing Air and Water Purification

The Industrial IoT (IIoT) brings a host of benefits to the manufacturers of industrial purifiers. Given their widespread use in a variety of contexts (from production plants to food manufacturing processes to municipal water treatment and warehousing), industrial air and water purifiers will inevitably need to be connected and monitored remotely.

Indeed, by connecting their air and water purifiers to the cloud, manufacturers can monitor their performance and collect real-time information across a variety of data points, without having to dispatch personnel to customer sites. The ability to extract data and relay it to the cloud also helps in enhancing manufacturers’ customer value proposition – for instance, easy access to up-to-date data gives customers the confidence that they are meeting regulatory requirements on water and air quality.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • How IIoT technologies are enabling manufacturers to transition from preventive to predictive maintenance, and save costs by eliminating unnecessary field visits.
  • How manufacturers of industrial purifiers are leveraging connectivity to build new revenue streams, such as premium services.
  • How data extracted from industrial air purifiers can be used to understand customers’ needs and direct product improvements.
  • How manufacturers of air and water purifiers can build and scale their IIoT applications to remotely monitor and take remote actions on their units.


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