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IS-How cellular connectivity can support payments-Thumb 475x600How Cellular Connectivity Can Support Your Payments Journey

One of the key elements in the payments revolution has been connectivity. Without secure, reliable connectivity, payments interfaces cannot communicate with the processors and payments networks that approve and complete transactions.

Traditionally, this has been done via Wi-Fi networks, but this can be problematic. Wi-Fi connectivity can be patchy with frequent dead-spots, resulting in a poor customer experience and lost transactions. Scaled across an organization these losses may be sizeable. Wi-Fi is also usually restricted to a local area network, making it unsuitable for many mobile use-cases or equipment, such as vending machines or ATMs, that may be sited outdoors or in remote locations.

As a result, many across the payments value chain are now opting for cellular IoT connectivity, which provides robust and reliable coverage in almost any location, as well as higher levels of security. IoT SIMs are specifically designed for reduced data consumption and high uptime, making them an effective option for payments solutions.

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  • How cellular connectivity can support the growth in mobile payments.
  • How to not miss a transaction due to poor connectivity coverage as you scale your business.

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