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WP-C-Band-for-5G-Whitepaper-Thumb-475x600-1C-Band for 5G

Delivering on the Promise of Blazing Fast Wireless

To deliver on the true potential of 5G, telecom providers are now delivering services using a spectrum known as “C-Band” which was auctioned off by the U.S. FCC last year. C-band is a worldwide spectrum and since 2015, 23 countries have auctioned or allocated C-band spectrum for mobile broadband.1 5G operation in C-band delivers increased capacity and faster upload/download speeds important for applications in public safety, industrial automation, utilities and fixed wireless access (FWA).

Download this white paper to learn:

  • What is C-band
  • Why C-band is so important for 5G
  • Additional technologies paving the way for faster 5G

1. GSACOM. C-Band Spectrum Auctions – January 2020.

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