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WPThumb-Air-CompressorsAir Compressors in the Age of Industrial IoT: Competitive Advantages and New Business Models

The industrial air compressor market is in the midst of a vast digital transformation. As the Industrial IoT becomes more economical and scalable, major air compressor manufacturers look to its emerging technologies to obtain crucial and strategic data on their machines.

By remotely monitoring the performance and consumption of air compressors, manufacturers can not only generate significant cost savings, but also create superior customer experiences and new revenue streams.

Indeed, the ability to easily generate and process machine data enables manufacturers to shift from a capital-intensive business model to a hybrid (equipment and services) model that leverages the benefits of the subscription economy.

Download this white paper to learn about:

  • How the Industrial IoT is enabling air compressor manufacturers to adapt to changing customer requirements and needs.
  • How manufacturers can leverage the availability of smart machine data to save costs and build new services on top of their machines.
  • How a leading air compressor manufacturer transformed its business model and built new services after undergoing a successful Industrial IoT transformation.
  • How the Industrial IoT helps air compressor manufacturers in enabling predictive maintenance, meeting regulatory requirements and optimizing the performance of industrial air compressors.

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