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WP-How-5G-is-Transforming-Video-Surveillance-Thumb-475x600-1Transforming Video Surveillance in a 5G-Enabled IoT World

5G cellular connectivity is going to change how the world communicates. Because 5G enables ultra-high definition (UHD) video streaming, the security camera market is set for major disruption. 5G will enable UHD footage on mobile devices and expand the scope for video analytics and AI.

Cellular networks offer several advantages when it comes to video surveillance. Because there is no need for cables or a local Wi-Fi connection, they offer much greater flexibility. New cameras can also be easily added to the network, making it much more scalable. However, streaming video is notoriously data hungry. The huge step-up in speed and bandwidth offered by 5G is set to eliminate that problem. There is now the potential to have thousands of cameras in a deployment all streaming UHD video in real time. Because a 5G network can carry massive amounts of data at lightning speeds over wide areas, it is also set to revolutionize analytics and machine learning, giving rise to new functionalities and business applications.

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