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WP-How-5G-is-Driving-Vending-Machines-Thumb-475x600-1How 5G Is Driving a New Era of Vending Machine Innovation

Vending machines have been a part of everyday life for centuries. Hundreds of years later, this automated retail tool continues to impress as new technologies accelerate innovation.

The advent of 5G connectivity will continue to drive more innovation in vending machine platforms as it is significantly faster than 4G. 5G brings new potential to vending machines, including expanding their functionality to include a high-speed video while promising to drive down data access costs with inexpensive access to low-bandwidth data.

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  • Growth in the vending machine market
  • The evolution of vending machine technology
  • Benefits of 5G for digital vending machines
  • How Sierra Wireless can help vending machine operators


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