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WP-5G-Private-Networks-Thumb-475x600-15G Private Networks: Driving Digital Transformation and Business Growth

Private cellular networks are exclusively dedicated to a particular business or organization and includes cell sites and core network servers eliminating reliance on public cellular networks. When combined with the power of 5G, businesses and organizations can achieve gains in the areas of communications coverage, automation, security and safety.

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  • Benefits of 5G private cellular networking
  • Three real-world use cases: Manufacturing, Transportation and Smart Cities
  • Where to start on implementing a 5G private network

Industry Statistic:
The global market for 5G-based private networks is projected to reach $13.92B by 2028, representing an eight-year CAGR of 40.9%.1

1Polaris Market Research. (2021). Private 5G Network Market Size Is Projected to Reach $13.92 Billion By 2028 | CAGR: 40.9%. Click here to see details.

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