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Digital Debate: The Evolution of Industrial Operational Resilience

In an increasingly remote world, the value of real-time operational visibility is essential for industrial operators, OEMs, and service providers. Fortunately, the reduced cost of IoT hardware and the ubiquity of machine connectivity are enabling massive improvements in remote monitoring – driving resilience for critical assets/environments around the world. The problem now lies in everything from how to buy and roll out solutions at scale, and how to anticipate disruption.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What obstacles to date have prevented IoT solutions from rolling out at scale?
  • How can stakeholders ensure that IoT projects deliver the target return on investment?
  • How do cyber security and privacy create challenges for IoT deployments?
  • In a minefield including operators, OEMs, and tech vendors, who owns the data?
  • Examples of success stories rolling out IoT solutions at scale

Watch the On-Demand Webinar


Isaac Brown

Vice President,
Landmark Ventures

Magnus Akesson

CIO, Manufacturing,
GE Power

Olivier Pauzet

Vice President & General Manager, IoT Solutions Business,
Sierra Wireless