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WPThumb-Moderning-Utility-InfrastructureModernizing Utility Infrastructure: Smart, but Not Always Secure

A Guide for Utilities Looking to Improve Security for the Smart Grid Network

Utility companies today face challenges on many fronts—meeting consumer expectations and regulatory requirements, addressing aging infrastructure and maximizing profits. To maintain market agility, utilities must adapt to change more quickly, increase their focus on value-added services and continue to monitor, control and manage the demands of customers.

To increase operational efficiency, utilities are migrating to smart grids which integrate traditional grid infrastructure with sensor and communication technologies to collect and process large amounts of data. These large complex networks which are composed of millions of devices and remotely connected entities come with many security concerns and potential vulnerabilities.

In this eBook you will learn about:

  • The Current Utility Landscape
  • Considerations for Deploying Secure IoT Solutions
  • Best Practices in Smart Grid Security

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