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EB-Eversource-DTT-Ebook-Thumb-475x600-1Transforming Direct Transfer Trip (DTT) – Eversource’s Story

A Guide for Utilities Considering LTE for Distributed Energy Grid

The widespread introduction of renewables (solar and wind generation) has been a tremendous benefit in helping to reduce greenhouse gases and diversify the energy supply. However, integrating these new distributed energy resources (DERs) into the grid is not without challenges.

One of the most critical factors is proper coordination between utility substations and DERs to effectively clear a fault—thus, preventing damage to equipment and ensuring the safety of line crews that might be working on the affected area.

Replacement options like fiber optic cables or microwave communication links are available but can be very costly. Another option is cellular LTE technology, but with the critical nature of direct transfer trip (DTT) many utilities do not feel comfortable using LTE for this application.

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  • The Current State of Utilities
  • Spotlight: How Eversource Energy Transformed its Direct Transfer Trip (DTT) with LTE
  • Secure LTE Solutions for Mission-Critical Applications

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