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EbookThumb-Harness-the-Power-of-Private-LTEHarness the Power of Private LTE

A Guide for Utilities Considering Private LTE Networks

Historically, utilities have preferred to own their own communications networks because doing so provided them more control over network reliability, security and coverage. But Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology, once considered an option only for public wireless carriers, is now available to utilities in a “private” form. As utilities implement more IoT sensors and controls into the grid, the case for building and operating a private, secure LTE network becomes more apparent.

Private LTE offers a game-changing advantage to utilities. It addresses traditional concerns about reliability and security, and also provides flexible and extensible capabilities that facilitate increased productivity and improved grid operations.

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  • The current and future trends for private LTE networks
  • Why utilities must advance their communications technologies
  • A roadmap for deploying and operating a private LTE network

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