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WPThumb-The-Industrial-IoT-Playbook-for-Commercial-Washing-MachinesThe Industrial IoT Playbook for Commercial Washing Machines

Understanding Breakthroughs and Industry Shifts

Commercial washing machine manufacturers are already aware of the significant opportunities presented by the Industrial IoT (IIoT). From predictive maintenance to the creation of data-driven and customer-centric services providing valuable analytics on consumption and performance, to the pivot to Washing as a Service (WaaS) subscription models that replace antiquated and capital-intensive business models – these benefits have already been discussed exhaustively.

Despite all the hype, however, industrial IoT projects are still considered unfeasible and difficult to execute. Traditionally, manufacturers encounter the same old blockers: the lack of interoperability between operational and information technology, the prohibitive costs of cellular connectivity or the myriad difficulties in the course of building their IoT infrastructure.

But as it happens, these blockers, which have historically impeded IIoT projects, have been largely mitigated by recent advances in IoT technology. But what are these advances? And what do they mean for commercial washing machine manufacturers?

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