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EB-Secure Resilient-Global Connectivity Challenges eBook-Thumb 475x600Secure & Resilient: Meeting Global Connectivity Challenges for the IoT

Connectivity is perhaps the most critical component of your IoT infrastructure. The performance of your IoT application is highly dependent on the scope of your carrier’s network coverage, along with its resiliency and security. These requirements become even more critical in global IoT deployments, when your connected assets are scattered across the world and are moving from one location to another.

This eBook takes a deep dive into how AirVantage® Smart Connectivity enables companies to meet the requirements and overcome the challenges associated with maintaining secure, reliable and resilient connectivity for your IoT deployment.

Download this ebook to learn about:

  • Ensure your IoT deployment has no coverage gaps.
  • Minimize and resolve network disruptions.
  • Monitor your data consumption and maintain your SIM subscriptions through a single pane of glass.

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