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EB-Telemedicine-eBook-Thumb-475x600-15G is Unlocking the Potential of Telemedicine With the IoT

Telemedicine is an exciting opportunity for a health system that is coping with unprecedented challenges. Rising costs, healthcare reform and an aging population have compelled healthcare providers to innovate as they struggle to cater for increased demand with fewer resources.

Telemedicine sits at the nexus of medical care and connectivity. The Internet of Things creates the opportunity to streamline complex medical processes, providing accurate and timely information for practitioners and patients at the point of care.

Telemedicine was already an industry sector with high potential, but the COVID-19 pandemic kicked this innovative subsector into high gear. Use cases extend beyond patient care with Connected devices and secure, reliable connectivity services key to realizing telemedicine’s potential. This is especially true in high-bandwidth services, where powerful new hardware combined with fast cellular broadband networks are creating new opportunities for healthcare providers to innovate.

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  • Exploring telemedicine use cases
  • The importance of 5G in Telemedicine
  • Smart Connectivity & Enhanced Carrier Connectivity

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