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ReportThumb-Forrester-OctaveIoT System Development With LPWAN Benefits, Challenges & Architectures

In a VDC Research survey of 225 engineers and product/project managers involved in the development of IoT devices respondents said that 48% of their devices did not utilize any AC mains power. Those devices are powered by batteries.

Reducing the power consumption of IoT devices provides several benefits: including enabling device powered batteries to last longer, enabling more frequent sensor readings, more extensive data processing, or other enhanced features.

An Integrated IoT solution can streamline the development process, reduce development time, and enable faster time to market. VDC estimates that use of integrated wireless solutions can reduce that time by 15% to 20%, shaving two to three months off a typical development schedule.

Download the VDC Research report to learn about:

  • The Need for Long-Range Communications in IoT
  • Low Power Consumption as a Key Factor
  • Why Security Is Paramount
  • The Advantages of Integrated Solutions: Data Orchestration & Cloud Connection Services
  • Choosing the Best Solution For Your IoT Project

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