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R-Juniper-Report-2022-Thumbnail-465x324-1More Than a Data Rate: How 5G Will Transform Enterprise Connectivity – Juniper Research Report

Much of the conversation about 5G roll-out has been focused on data speeds for consumers, highlighting the ability to download videos in a matter of seconds or stream content with little to no lag time. However, the standard itself is increasingly focused on enterprise connectivity, thanks to the features getting incorporated into 3GPP standards for 5G. This enables features beyond the raw data rates that allow the technology to be of far greater use to enterprises than previous cellular connectivity standards. In addition to increased data throughput, 5G can enable a wide range of new use cases for enterprises.

This report showcases how 5G connectivity can provide benefits to every kind of business that needs data transfer.

Download this report to learn about:

  • More Reliable Network Architecture with Network Slicing & High-speed Wire-free Capabilities
  • How Multiple Frequencies Brings Capability-based Connectivity
  • Increases in Cloud & Edge Processing Thanks to Low Latency Multi-device
  • Customizable IoT Networks
  • Equipment Requirements & New Business Models

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