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R-Beecham-Beyond-the-Hospital-Repor-Thumb-475x600-1Beyond the Hospital: Towards a Continuum of Connected Care

A Beecham Report

In order to optimize patient care throughout the treatment lifecycle, every touch point where care meets patient must be able to transmit near real time data to the patient’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR), to be read by all involved in the patient’s care.

This report looks beyond the hospital to all parts in the medical care supply chain. IoT will eventually enable a continuum of connected care offered to a patient, from hospital through nursing home to long-term care and rehabilitation at home.

Download this report to learn how:

  • Learn about connectivity needs in different areas of healthcare
  • New and emerging use cases for connected medical devices
  • How to eliminate bottlenecks and pain points in the process of connecting medical devices

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