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R-Transforma-Research-Thumb-475x600-How To Achieve Best Practices in a 5G-Enabled IoT World

A Transforma Insights Report

The last few years have been strange for the Internet of Things (IoT). Many emerging trends in IoT connectivity have come to the forefront. 2G and 3G are on their way out and 4G is the workhorse for much of IoT. Meanwhile 5G and new LPWA networks have arrived, promising significant improvements in bandwidth, latency and power-consumption. The decade also saw the growing importance of cloud and edge computing, the arrival of eSIM, a plethora of new options for providing connectivity and a rapid growth in the software platforms available to support enterprises as they deploy IoT to their critical systems.

More recently COVID had a direct impact on demand, accelerating the pace of change for existing and new IoT use cases; in some cases spectacularly positive, and for others negative.

Transforma Insights published a report titled “How To Achieve Best Practices in a 5G-Enabled IoT World”. Download the report to learn about the:

  • Key trends that are affecting the deployment of global IoT connectivity today.
  • Growing demand for high bandwidth services courtesy of 5G.
  • Resulting best practice associated with seizing the advantages that those changes represent.

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